So, this page is basically dedicated to the best friendship a girl could wish for. Me, Kirstin Georgia and Georgia met in beauchamp at the begining of year ten and i have to admit they terrified me! I was afraid of most people though so its okay! :P

I didnt have many friends at the begining of year ten because i was quiet and knew no one, there were many times when i wished thati could go to the other school where all my old friends went (it certainly would have been easier!). On my first music lesson i met this girl her name was Georgia Challands, she was… well, she was really strange! She was bubbly and talkative and all the thing i am not, but yet she still spoke to me which was surpising an terrifying!!! So i kind tried to avoid her (SORRY!) but it didnt really work because as she found out by pulling my time table from underneath me, we had the exact same time table. Next i had history, and the bubbly girl was there so i though “shes okay i’ll sit on her table and i was supossed to be saving a seat for this friend of mine from bushloe in my old school, i turned away and when i turned back this VERY tall blonde girl was sitting in the seat i was supposed to have saved. I was to afraid to tel her to leave because she turned into my best friend Georgia Midgley. On that first day we didnt talk like at all and for a while we didnt really talk much she got closer to georgia challands first and she actually stole my seat one day in history! but as time went on we got closer! ANYWAY on those first few days of school i had food tech where i saw that really tall girl again with another girl! and i was wondering around food techtrying to find somewhere to sit and she ended up having to ask me if i was okay cause i looked like a lost puppy! i then realised this other girl (Kirstin Stevley) had japanese with me! so me her and Georgia Challands sat together in japanese. And as time went on i got closer with all three of them individual but still at this point i didnt really expect us to become a 4!

At some point in the first few months at school, us four started to become better friends and i guess we just decided to have a sleepover in my garden! in a tent i might add!! it was hilarious!! kirstin didnt arrive until about eleven! We were talking for AGES and it was hilarious!! we kept getting closer and at one time when i was down and low in confidence they decided we should all dress up and wonder around in fancy dress!!! and that was pretty damn awesome i must say…

HOWEVER on the 15th of june me and kirstin and midgley were told some… pretty intence news one of my best friends georgia was moving to chicago! we didnt know when but it would be in the same year! i remember us just dissolving into tears! (besides kirstin who seemed to have trouble showing her emotions!!!!!!) we decided to just do more stuff together until she had to leave and we got closer had a ton of sleepovers and became the pineapple spies! (basically we put our hair in pineapples and pretend to be spies!!) sad i know but its how we roll!! when georgia left it was hard! but we still talk as much as we can, georgia came home in half term and it was awesome! i now have so much homework to catch up on but it was so worth it!!! GJKG FOREVER! hahah i make this sound like we’re all a couple!

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