About me

So this is a photo of me and some of my best friends (I am the one on the left)

I’m a bit of a freak but who isnt a bit strange right!!!

My name is Jenny, I live in England, I am in year 13 and this is the point where school gets scary. 

I have some amazing friends and they are literally the best people ever. MY BEST FRIENDS ARE ALL IN THE SAME COUNTRY WHICH IS AWESOME! I am shocked that all of my friends haven’t realised how boring I am and dumped me yet, but yeah hurrah for friends! 

I listen to music religiously, one of my new favorite songs is “radioactive” I listen to daughter, admiral fallow, bombay bicycle club, bon iver, foster the people, Florence and the machine, hurts, james vincent mcmorrow, kanye west, keane, killers, michael kiwanuka, needtobreathe, paramore, one republic, ray morris, sia, sigur ros, snow patrol, the wombats, 30 seconds to mars and i have a new obsession with the tangled soundtrack!

I have awful taste in films so I’m not even going to talk about that. Also I don’t read for fun all that much, sorry! But I do knit, that counts for something.. right? 

I love all food but then i hate food be cause i love food… Me and food have a difficult relationship! :P

Anyways I am really bad at talking about myself as you can probably see so I am gonna end this here, kay cool bye!

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